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Customer's Reviews of Model PWMA50B
Average Rating :
 Name : Eileen
   11/11/2014 4:40:08 PM
   Review : Great product! It is very helpful & we don't have to bend so close to hear her.

 Name : Roger
   10/28/2014 8:28:44 PM
   Review : The item works as stated and has plenty of power to make me heard over other noises in the area. As a professional children's entertainer it is necessary to be louder than the chatting children so the show can be started on time and enjoyed by all.

 Name : LORRY
   5/27/2014 10:19:23 AM
   Review : -Could have a more adjustable waistband strap.

 Name : Bruce
   5/3/2014 1:49:20 PM
   Review : A fabulous solution to outdoor close quarter events. Great for calling model sail boat races. the crowd can hear everything.

 Name : Frances
   4/26/2014 2:31:12 PM
   Review : I just received the pa system that I ordered and on first try, I was very impressed. Thank you.

 Name : Elizabeth
   1/31/2014 1:12:46 PM
   Review : I was very excited to order this amplification system. I recently was diagnosed with vocal nodules as a result of vocal overuse! I am an elementary music teacher and a church music worship leader. My voice is my life! After two months of complete vocal rest, my nodules had went down to minimal in size, so I was given the clear to begin to use my voice again. However, I was to take great care not to overuse, especially during teaching. So, I purchased this PA system. It has pretty good amplification, not fantastic, but I have a soft voice. I found the original headset uncomfortable, so I ordered a more confortable one. The main problem is that the clip that holds the waist strap broke with only about 10 days of use! Now I have no way to attach it to me, thus cancelling the mobility factor that makes it a desirable piece of equipment. For the money, I didn't expect a lot, but 10 days! Hope the company will replace with better made piece.

 Name : moses
   1/19/2014 5:24:58 PM
   Review : Great Product!

 Name : Sydney
   12/30/2013 4:44:33 PM
   Review : Works great for singing. Have to be careful not to get the microphone too close to the speaker or it squeals.

 Name : Marlene
   11/20/2013 3:44:39 PM
   Review : Sound is good. Comfortable to use. Small and easy to transport

 Name : maia
   11/6/2013 11:10:00 AM
   Review : This is a great product to use in the classroom. Love it. It helps to maintain kids attention during instructional time, they can never say they don't hear you because it is very clear and loud.

 Name : Robert
   10/11/2013 12:25:41 PM
   Review : Great power for a little unit; many uses.

 Name : Scotti
   5/14/2013 2:14:35 PM
   Review : Perfect for Sunday School class use! Easy to use, wear and maintain.

 Name : Ramona
   9/5/2012 1:25:51 PM
   Review : I tried a slightly cheaper brand and it was junk. I wasn't expecting much with this one but to my surprise it's a great purchase. I can turn the volume up to maximum as long as the unit isn't close to the microphone. If it's too close it screeches as any unit will do. The webbed waist belt is very very generous so I can wear it low on the hip instead of around the waist and that solves any feedback possibilities. It has a nice plastic buckle. The mic needs to be close to the mouth. The stem is a bit long for me but its bendable so that's not much of an issue. The headset is a comfortable wire and can be worn closer to the back of the head and not mess up my hair. There is a discrepancy between Amazon's description of 50 watts vs the enclosed documentation stating it's 12 watts. Since it is much louder and clearer than the junk one at 12 watts, I believe this unit to be closer to 50w and not 12w. The sound produced is very clear so I'm glad I didn't buy one of the high dollar amplifiers. I cannot speak to it's longevity but everything about it seems quality. Time will tell but so far so good.