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Customer's Reviews of Model PWMA890UI
Average Rating :
 Name : Denise
   8/5/2016 3:20:09 PM
   Review : Just bought this and tried it in the office and seems to work well, just can't get the wireless headset microphone to work.

 Name : Amberdawn
   10/28/2014 8:24:08 AM
   Review : Definitely worth the cost and easy to use.

 Name : Tom
   8/1/2014 10:39:50 AM
   Review : Have this and use it weekly, Great product for mead/large room vocal boost. I am looking for another headset mic and battery pack. Have had it for one month really liking it. Just the thing for nursing homes/extended living facilities etc.

 Name : Adrian
   11/9/2013 2:51:34 PM
   Review : PA works great bought a total of 4 to use in our Churxh drama, the Christmas Journey. Sounds great, and wireless feature is just what we needed.

 Name : Adrian
   11/8/2013 11:26:03 AM
   Review : We purchased product for an event and have been extremely pleased (and even surprised) at how functional and flexible this product is.

 Name : Del
   8/9/2013 11:54:56 AM
   Review : This system is the best that I have seen so far! This will be an excellent source for our department meetings and events.

 Name : Frederick
   5/13/2013 10:17:38 AM
   Review : Good sound. plenty of power. Very flexible

 Name : Nagi
   3/22/2013 9:31:26 PM
   Review : Great price

 Name : Terry
   9/22/2012 7:25:04 PM
   Review : This is an excellent product to use in a small area. We are using it for a teen room at church.

 Name : Desiree
   8/8/2012 5:59:14 PM
   Review : Awesome for the price! This was a great deal, and just what we needed!

 Name : Zac
   8/2/2012 11:30:09 PM
   Review : Great PA system for the money!! Works great for small settings.