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Customer's Reviews of Model PWPBT60OR
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 Name : Erik
   7/18/2014 12:39:51 AM
   Review : works great! the audio quality is much better than my cell phone or laptop plus I don't have to worry about dropping it or leaving it out in the rain! I hang it in the back of my Jeep with a caribiner for tailgaiting.

 Name : Robert
   5/8/2014 12:41:36 AM
   Review : Nice solid build, well thought out controls but as usual with COO China, instructions could be better. How long can I expect it to play on a single charge? I'll find out this weekend on the boat. Great bit of gear for the price and looks like it will last.

 Name : Cherie
   3/22/2014 8:54:57 AM
   Review : This tiny little speaker has the most incredible sound. I have another that's way more expensive, is NOT waterproof, and it doesn't sound nearly as good.