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Sub Categories Of Car Audio


Audio / Video Cables And Accessories

Stock up on all the necessary cables so you can hook everything up.


Boost your sound with Pyle’s powerful amplifiers.

Car Speakers

Upgrade your speakers to get the most out of your amp.

Component Kits

Get started with these kits that include speakers, tweeters, and crossovers.


Optimize your speaker setup with these active crossovers.

Subwoofer Enclosures

Make your subs sound huge with these specially designed enclosures.


Tweak your sound to your exact specs with these powerful EQs.

Power Capacitors

Boost amp performance and limit battery drain using our capacitors.

Power Inverter

Turn your car’s cigarette lighter into a wall outlet with these inverters.


Hit the highest highs with our line of tweeters.


Bone-rumbling bass can be yours with these subs.


Stay safe and talk hands-free on the road with our Bluetooth accessories.

Car Stereos

Upgrade to the 21st century with these MP3 player headunits.

IPod Interface Cables

Hook your iPod up to your car’s factory stereo with these cables.