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Sub Categories Of DJ Equipment


DJ Mixers

Drop beats like a pro with these professional DJ mixers.

DJ Processors

Warp and process your sound using these hardware effects modules.

DJ Speakers

Make a huge impression on the audience with our line of DJ speakers.

DJ Tweeters and Horns

Reach the highest highs with these tweeters and horns.

Guitar Amplifiers

Sound huge with these multifeatured guitar amplifiers.


Record voices and sounds with exquisite clarity using these microphones.

Power Amplifiers

Boost your signal to reach the world with these power amplifiers.

Premium Replacement Woofers

Feel the rattle of the bass with these premium replacement woofers.

Pro DJ Accessories

Be equipped for any contingency with these pro DJ accessories.

Professional CD / SD MP3 Players

Play digital music on your setup using these pro audio players.

Studio Monitors

Keep your ear on the mix with these studio monitors.


Scratch it up and listen to old vinyls with these turntables.

Voice Coils

Upgrade your magnets with these awesome voice coils.

Wireless Microphones

Enjoy freedom from connections with these wireless mics.

Wireless PA Systems

Get the complete audio package with these wireless PA systems.

Stage Snake Cables

High quality snake cables for the studio and live performances.

Equalizer / Crossover

Tweak your sound with these powerful equalizers and crossovers.

Professional Audio Cables

Check out these premium cables for the best possible connection between your equipment.


Keep your equipment secure with these speaker and DJ stands.

Midbass/Midrange Speakers/Woofers

Build a custom cabinet with this extensive line of speakers and woofers.

DJ Racks

Keep your equipment organized and plugged in using these DJ racks.

Power Conditioner

Smooth out your power for distortion-free audio with these power conditioners.

Hybrid Pre Amplifier

Boost the signal with these hybrid pre-amplifiers.