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    Pyle - PDCDTP500 , Sound and Recording , SoundBars - Home Theater , Professional DJ Tabletop CD Player with Jog Dial
Professional DJ Tabletop CD Player with Jog Dial
Model PDCDTP500
Brand PylePro
Category SoundBars - Home Theater
MSRP $357.99
Warranty 1 year


  • Quick Start Within 0.015 Seconds
  • Pitch Bend +/- 16%, +/-8%
  • Single Auto Cue/Continuous Play/Outro
  • Frame-By-Frame Search with Jog Dial
  • Dual Seamless Loops
  • Relay Function Interfaces with another PDCDTP500
  • Remote Fader Start
  • Jog Dial for Searching and Speed Control
  • Cue Function
  • BPM Tap Function
  • Direct Access Keys for Track Selection
  • Slot Load Mechanism
  • Anti-Shock Memory Buffer
  • Elapsed/Remaining/Total Remaining Time Display
  • Digital Audio Output and RCA Stereo Output
  • 110/220V AC Switchable
  • Sold as: Unit
  • Weight: 8.66 lbs.
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    Product Description
    Pyle-Pro Table Top CD Players sport rugged construction, and a list of features to satisfy any DJ. The Pyle-Pro PDCDTP500 CD Player is built in an attractive package that plays all of your CD and CD-R discs for media convenience. The CD player is housed in an durable chassis for rugged, reliable performance. This player gives you rapid track access on its easy-to-use multifunction jog/shuttle wheels. You can dial the point in the track you're after in a split second and also use the jog wheels for controlling pitch bend. You can pitch your tracks up and down by 12% for easy beat matching. Anti-Shock memory prevents skipping - even when you get the dance floor jumping. The Pyle-Pro PDCDTP500 CD Player has all the basics you demand and few bonus features for making your gigs easy and enjoyable. The multi function Jog wheels give you the versatility and functionality you've been looking for, along with a bright LCD display to navigate your discs. Pyle has been in business for over 35 years, and their manufacturing experience and expertise is easy to see - and hear.