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PDWM2450 base unit with two microphones
The PDWM2600 features a base unit with LCD display and two wireless microphones
Click here for a larger image

Closeup of wireless microphones
Strong and light, these wireless microphones fit perfectly in your hand, and are color coded for easy reference

Experience the Freedom of Wireless Microphones, Now Easier than Ever

The Pyle PDWM2600 is a wireless microphone system featuring a half rack mountable UHF base unit and includes two wireless microphones. Since this system uses the UHF frequency, you get greater wireless range for your microphones with less interference and fewer dropouts than in a VHF system, and is great for large events.

Featuring technology like Audio Mute Circuitry and Advanced Compounding Circuitry you get crisp, high-quality audio out of your system. This system is perfect for karaoke events, mobile DJ setups, public speaking, and religious functions, and thanks to the two included microphones, smooth R&B duets are now easier than ever.

These wireless microphones give you the freedom and mobility needed for active, energetic performances, and is built for events with multiple speakers, where handing off microphones is a breeze. The two antennas on the base unit sync up to each respective microphone, meaning that each microphone gets the strongest signal possible for your events.

Audio Mute Circuitry for Quit Operation

Our audio mute circuitry technology cuts off background and ambient noise in the room, so you get a clearer performance with less noise.

Advanced Companding Circuitry

The PDWM2600 also features advanced companding circuitry, which reduces noise and crosstalk levels on the receivers. This means the dynamic range of the received signal is nearly the same as the original, giving you the same high quality sound you would get from wired microphones. The result is less background hiss and overload distortion, helping to ensure your performances are as clear and strong as possible.

Picture of accessories
Accessories include rack mounts, two batteries, power supply, and an audio cable

Two Wireless Microphones Mean Twice the Fun

This unit comes with two microphones which are great for performances involving two people. Each microphone has its own volume dial on the base unit so you can balance the vocals as desired. Each microphone is on its own channel so you can control them individually, and are color coded for easy reference. Uses 2 AA batteries.

Power On / Stand by / Power Off

Each microphone includes a standby mode which lets you shut the microphone off without completely cutting the circuit, meaning you can turn it back on instantly without any noise or waiting time.

XLR Balanced Output for Professional Quality Sound

The PDWM2600 features two XLR connector balanced ouputs, giving you the highest quality sound possible out of your system. Balanced outputs give you less sound interference when using your cables so you can run them long and still get the clearest sound possible. The unit also features a mixed 1/4-inch output which lets you hook up multiple microphones using a mixer.

Other Great Features

  • Dual RF indicators let you know the signal strength of each microphone
  • Dual AF level meters let you know the audio levels of each microphone
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Product Description
Product Review
 Name : Jemal 8/16/2016 8:26:31 AM
   Review : Very good item and easy to hook up. Clean sound and good distance.

 Name : Dino 5/18/2012 12:00:32 PM
   Review : So far so good. Product works as described.

 Name : Scott 10/23/2011 12:20:11 PM
   Review : This was a gift. Love the produce

 Name : David 10/19/2011 4:59:39 PM
   Review : Very pleasantly suprised. Quality is much better than expected. Overall feel and finish is very good. Performance is excellent.

 Name : Marc 7/27/2011 4:45:49 PM
   Review : Seems to be a great product at a great price!