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  • Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9
  • Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9
  • Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9
  • Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9
  • Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9
9'' TFT LCD Headrest Monitor w/ Stand (White)
Model PLHR97W
Brand Pyle
Category Video Monitors
MSRP $204.99
Warranty 1 year


  • 9'' TFT Active Matrix Display
  • 16:9 Wide Screen Format
  • Resolution: 1440 x 234 Dots
  • NTSC/ PAL System Compatible
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Dual Video Input
  • Built-in IR Transmitter for Wireless Headphones
  • Reverse Imaging Left/Right Up/Down
  • Brightness/ Contrast/ Color/ Tint Adjustments
  • Headrest Shroud & Universal Stand Mount
  • On Screen Display
  • Brightness/ Contrast/ Color
  • DC 12 Volt Power.
  • Sold as: Unit
  • Weight: 2.63 lbs.
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    Image of the PLHR97W unit
    The PLHR97W is a portable monitor with a variety of uses: the only limit is your imagination, and RCA input compatibility
    Click here for a larger image
    PLHR97W Accessories
    Accessories include matching white headrest shroud, universal stand, RCA cable with two video inputs and audio input, and wireless remote

    Portable, Affordable Monitor For Your Car, Home, or Business

    The Pyle PLHR97W is a simple, easy-to-install portable 9-inch widescreen LCD-TFT monitor for your car or home, featuring a brilliant picture at a high 1440 x 234 resolution.

    You can install it into your car seat headrest by custom-fitting it into the headrest itself, and the included headrest shroud helps make sure it fits perfectly. You can also use the monitor on your dashboard or center console with the included universal stand.

    Many Ways to Use Your Monitor

    The PLHR97W comes with two video inputs and can be used for almost anything requiring video. Install a camera in the back of your car and use the PLHR97W as a backup monitor so you always know where you're going -- and since the unit comes with two video inputs, you can hook up a DVD player or videogame system at the same time.

    Another great idea is to use the monitor for home security. Catch burglars staring at you through your window from the comfort of your computer desk when you hook the monitor up to an outside security camera.

    This unit also features audio inputs, so you can listen to music, movies, or play games using the headphone jack or even IR-compatible wireless headphones: that way the backseat passengers can have a blast while the driver gets peace and quiet.

    Watch Movies and Listen to Music with Wireless Headphones

    The PLHR97W also has a built-in IR transmitter, which lets you watch movies with IR-compatible wireless headphones -- so everyone can enjoy the ride in peace and quiet.

    Page from the PLHR97W manual displaying guide to RCA connectors
    Find out how our RCA connectors work
    Click here for a larger image

    Reverse Imaging Lets You See What's Really Going On

    The PLHR97W features a reverse imaging function that allows you to adjust the image to match the source. For example, if you're using the unit as a back-up monitor, and there's an object or person to the left of you, it will show up on your monitor as if it were on the right. So, you can flip the image around so that you can see everything where it actually is, helping you to drive safely. You can reverse images from left, right, up, and down.

    And More!

    Full-Function Wireless Remote

    A full-function wireless remote is included, so you can change channels and adjust settings without having to get out of your seat. It’s so powerful it even works from the front seat!

    Built-in Monitor Controls

    You can also tweak your monitor’s display using the built-in monitor controls. Too much contrast? Not enough saturation? No problem! Just use the included full-function remote to wirelessly adjust your monitor’s settings so you can get a picture that’s perfect for you.

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    Product Description
    Feast your eyes upon this white Pyle Headrest monitor. The 9' TFT active matrix widescreen monitor delivers quality images at a resolution of 1440 x 234, so everything looks crystal clear. This unit is equipped with two RCA inputs, so you can switch between a DVD player, VCR, iPod, video game system, or anything else with ease. The backlit cold cathode filament tube provides brilliant, natural color. The built-in IR transmitter is compatible with most wireless IR headphones. The on screen controls allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, color, and tint. Takes both PAL and NTSC inputs, so it's compatible with nearly anything you throw at it. Full function wireless remote control, universal stand, and headrest shroud included.
    Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9 Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9 Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9 Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9 Pyle - PLHR97W , On the Road , Video Monitors , 9