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    Pyle - PLPADFM2B , Home and Office , Portable Speakers - Boom Boxes , Bluetooth Ipod/Ipad/Iphone Car Player & Gooseneck Mount With Wireless FM Transmitter
Bluetooth Ipod/Ipad/Iphone Car Player & Gooseneck Mount With Wireless FM Transmitter
Brand Pyle
Category Portable Speakers - Boom Boxes
MSRP $97.99
Warranty 1 year


  • Compatible With Nearly All Bluetooth Mobile Phones
  • Play And Charge Your iPad or iPhone Through 30 PIN Plug
  • Support Call Receiving, Call Rejecting And Last Number Re-Dialing
  • Support TTS Function, Report The Caller Number In English
  • Digital FM Tuner With LED Display.
  • Full Frequency, From 87.5~108.0mhz, 0.1Mhz Gap Between Channels
  • Support Line-In; Automatically Play The Music From External Audio Devices. (Mp3; CD Player Etc.)
  • Last Frequency And Song Memory Function.
  • USB Port Can Charge Your Mobile Phone, MP3 Player And So On.
  • Flexible Goose Neck
  • Removable Stoppers To Keep The Device In Holder
  • High Quality Silicon Gel On The Back & Sides To Protect Your Device From Being Damaged
  • Sold as: 0
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs.
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    Product Description
    The PLPADFM2B is the FM transmitter for the iPod and iPad era. It's equipped with a 30-pin dock connector, compatible with all modern iPods (including iPod touch) and iPads. Simply plug this unit into your vehicle's cigarette lighter, dock your device into the unit, then tune your car's stereo to the station of your choosing. You'll be enjoying the convergence of modern technology's agreeable conveniences in no time. Calls and music are wirelessly played through your stereo, so you can hear everything in full quality. This unit is also equipped with a line-in jack for playback from other digital music devices. A USB port allows for charging of another cell phone or mobile device. Plus, it has Bluetooth! The unit easily adjusts to fit your iPhone or iPad - removable stoppers keep the device steady in the holder, while the flexible gooseneck allows for adjustment to any position. The high quality silicon gel on the back and sides of the unit protects your device from unnecessary damage.
    Product Review
     Name : Robert 1/5/2012 8:59:57 PM
       Review : This product is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for having the insight to make it! It is very easy to connect bluetooth and phone. The sound quality is better than any other fm transmitter I have ever owned. I also love that I can listed to videos or podcasts as well and not just music! Thanks Pyle for making a great product.