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    Pyle - PLXR2 , Sound and Recording , Audio Processors - Sound Reinforcement , Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Network w/12dB Bass Boost
Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Network w/12dB Bass Boost
Model PLXR2
Brand Pyle
Category Audio Processors - Sound Reinforcement
MSRP $42.99
Warranty 1 year


  • Electronic Low Pass Crossover Network
  • Low Level RCA Inputs
  • High Level Line Inputs
  • RCA Line Outputs
  • Lowpass Crossover 50 Hz/ 90 Hz/ 180 Hz
  • Selectable Subwoofer Bass Boost 45 Hz/ 80 Hz/ 120 Hz
  • Variable Gain Adjustment
  • LED Power Indicator
  • 12dB Bass Boost
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • DC 12 Volt
  • Dimensions: 3.6''W x 5''D x 1.10''H
  • Sold as: Unit
  • Weight: 1.08 lbs.
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    Product Description
    This electronic low pass crossover network is what you need to separate your signal into two clean feeds. Pass one to your sub, the other to your mid-range and high-end tweeters. Takes both low-level RCA inputs and high-level line inputs for a variety of configurations. Set the low-pass at 50, 90, or 180 Hz, depending on your subwoofers. Then use the 12dB bass boost to smooth out transients and subsonics at 45, 80, or 120 Hz. Adjust the gain on the input channels, then sit back and enjoy the clean bass as your tunes are routed out the RCA line jacks. Mounting hardware included.