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    Pyle - PSX12 , Sound and Recording , Mixers - DJ Controllers , 12 Input Channel Stereo Console Mixer
12 Input Channel Stereo Console Mixer
Model PSX12
Brand PylePro
Category Mixers - DJ Controllers
MSRP $722.99
Warranty 1 year


  • 12 mono input and 2 stereo input
  • 4 sub Group simultaneous feed 24 multitrack output
  • 2 stereo AUX return with balance control
  • Up to 4 AUX send buses, and level controls
  • High quality discrete balanced mic preamps with low CUT switch
  • Dedicated 3 band EQ with 1 semi-parametric
  • mid band With +48v phantom power
  • 100mm high fidelity fader with big console
  • High fidelity 12-dot LED level meter on Main ,Group section
  • External power supply with superior transient response
  • 110 Volt/ 220 Volt Switchable
  • Dimensions: 31"(H) X 20"(W) X 5"(D) Inch
  • Sold as: Unit
  • Weight: 32.65 lbs.
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    Product Description
    This 12 input channel stereo console mixer is equipped with everything you need to deliver quality mixes at the studio, club, party, or anywhere else. Each input takes either balanced XLR mic or unbalanced audio. A phantom-power switch provides +48V across all microphone inputs for condenser mics. The 100mm high fidelity faders provide the precise control you need for subtle mixing. A dedicated 3-band EQ, with HIGH (10 kHz), MID (250 Hz - 6 kHz) and LOW (60 Hz) on each input lets you shape the sound to your exact specifications. There are 4 AUX sends and 2 stereo returns for external effects and four subgroups for more complex mix setups. The 12-dot LED meters indicate your levels, so you'll never distort or clip your inputs. The PSX12 runs on either 110 or 220 V and comes with an external power supply with superior transient response for a clean low-noise signal.
    Product Review
     Name : Dustin 2/28/2013 4:49:10 PM
       Review : The PYLE PSX12 is a great soundboard as far as the inputs and outputs as well as the tracks and layout are concerned. However, the quality of the materials used are terrible. the plastic sliders and knobs feel like they are made of the same plastic Fisher-price uses for kid's toys. The board we purchased burnt out (literally started smoking) after only a few months of use. Oh, and the ONE YEAR WARRANTY... ask yourself if its worth the cost in shipping BOTH ways! Not a board made for even moderate use.