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PYLE Marine Show Vehicle

Pyle Seadoo was a creation of Manny Maddog Machado of Maddog Audio in Miami Florida. The Seadoo started out as a base 5 passenger speedster, and was transformed into a 4 passenger ocean cruiser. Powered by 2 head units - Pyle's PLCD15MR and PLTVD7IN - it not only sounds incredible but also allows for water resistant enjoyment of your favorite DVD videos. The rest of the installation consists of 3 amplifiers - two PLMRA420 amplifiers, and one PLMRA220 - powering a total of 10 speakers and 3 subwoofers. It has a combined wattage of 2600 watts, and features a 13'' TFT monitor on the front, and a 17'' TFT in the rear engine compartment. This vehicle has served as a functional display at several dealer and consumer trade shows.