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Customer's Reviews of Model PD1000A
Average Rating :
 Name : ROBIN
   6/25/2015 4:41:50 PM

 Name : Val
   8/11/2014 9:46:28 PM
   Review : awsome

 Name : Angela
   8/7/2014 12:15:20 AM
   Review : I love the pyle.We have had it only a short time but we enjoy it

 Name : Robert
   5/22/2014 2:51:58 PM
   Review : Great sound. Db lights are a little too bright.

 Name : Angel
   3/20/2014 4:54:36 PM
   Review : Great product.

 Name : Charles
   12/5/2013 2:54:27 PM
   Review : This unit is better than a Sony that I paid at least 4 times as much for

 Name : rick
   7/15/2013 1:59:14 PM
   Review : great just what i needed

 Name : William
   5/16/2013 7:29:36 PM
   Review : we like the unit easy to0 install and operate.

 Name : delbert
   1/15/2013 5:31:55 PM
   Review : awesome reciever well worth the money

 Name : LEROY
   11/9/2012 12:46:08 AM

 Name : Frank
   7/3/2012 10:14:00 AM
   Review : Does your remote still change stations on the Sirius radio when you try to increase volume? Did you put in any kind of menu or maybe a random button on the usb input that could have thousands of songs that are useless with your system? Did you fix the static you get when the volume is 17 or less? Because I put up with all that for a while and luckily the left channel has so much noise now that I have to buy something else.

 Name : William
   6/6/2012 10:10:07 AM
   Review : looks great and plays great!

 Name : Roy
   2/21/2012 11:24:06 AM
   Review : The system meets my needs perfectly.

 Name : paul
   2/3/2012 8:56:05 AM
   Review : good receiver for the price. lot's of extras

 Name : joseph
   1/16/2012 10:02:23 PM
   Review : sound is great, function is very good.

 Name : Michael
   1/3/2012 2:40:25 PM
   Review : DNap PD1000A

 Name : Shawn
   8/29/2011 11:16:26 PM
   Review : This is a great product. It met all my expectations. Not only does it drive my speakers, it also has everything I will ever need built in to play my music. And, best of all, I can plug and play my guitar into the MP3/IPod input in front of the receiver or into one of the Mic inputs and it sounds fantastic. Also, this amp saved me hundreds of dollars cause now I do not need to buy another amp for my guitar. Great product. Way to go Pyle!