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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWM5000
Average Rating :
 Name : Larry
   3/6/2015 10:30:12 AM
   Review : System works great. Only complaint is power cord went out.

 Name : Reasie
   8/22/2014 9:27:46 PM
   Review : I was impressed with the quality of these microphones even though one did not work. The system is a great value. There was no annoying feedback or popping. The range is great for stage performances.

 Name : Christopher
   8/20/2014 8:19:42 PM
   Review : Love these mics

 Name : Ted
   11/11/2013 8:21:12 PM
   Review : Pyle wireless has served me well with substandard conditions and offers plenty of choices for those who require discerning tastes.

 Name : Barbara
   4/15/2013 2:16:51 PM
   Review : I purchased this product for our Girl Scouts. We have 160 girls and have events over the weekend. We have also used it at schools, parks, and reunions. It also plugs into my daughters Casio piano. Very clear sound. I recommend this to all for any use small or large events.

 Name : Kim
   2/18/2013 8:31:58 PM
   Review : So Far it is working good, it is still new but all components are good.

 Name : David
   1/14/2012 12:12:30 AM
   Review : Great range. Mics 1-3 sound great but #4 has static. Would give 5/5 stars if all 4 mics worked properly.