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Customer's Reviews of Model PHLTBS51BK
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 Name : Angelina
   1/10/2017 9:16:54 PM
   Review : Never had electric toothbrush first time user. After I charged it used it the first time tonight so far so good. Love the handle and brush. Agree do not turn on until in your mouth or you will splatter yourself. Love the timer and the UV light to sanitize.

 Name : Karla
   9/5/2016 2:37:51 PM
   Review : It works like it is supposed to. No problems except when I take the brush out of my mouth when running. Yes, it does do a nice splatter pattern all over the mirror. I don't have anything to compare it to for loudness, etc. It is only for two minutes, pausing three times, so how bad can it be. The brush heads are small, which I like

 Name : Ronald
   4/20/2015 9:21:28 PM
   Review : awesome

 Name : Larry
   2/1/2015 9:52:33 AM
   Review : Awesome product. High quality construction & built-in UV cleaner! Excellent choice!!!!!

 Name : timothy
   1/31/2015 10:18:33 AM
   Review : I recently purchased this product while it was on sale and decided to test it out as soon as i could. It was not difficult to remove from the packaging and took less than 5 minutes to setup and packs enough charge to use right out of the packaging. The pamphlet that came does a decent job of explaining how everything works,but has some awkward misspellings in the English version in places that can be confusing.Assembly is as easy as sticking one of the three toothbrush heads on the handle and pressing the button! It has three settings, normal, whitening, and massage. Massage being the gentlest setting and the other two offering intense vibrations that shows noticeable difference after one use. Overall I am very pleased that I purchased with and performance and quality of the product and would recommend it to anyone.

 Name : Stacey
   1/6/2015 10:32:30 PM
   Review : So far so good. Pleased with purchased - as advertised.