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Customer's Reviews of Model PMKS5
Average Rating :
 Name : Stephen
   12/10/2016 12:34:22 PM
   Review : This is a well made product and at this price, is a very good value. It's well made and sturdy and if used correctly should last indefinately.

 Name : Sandra
   12/6/2016 10:53:18 AM
   Review : I love the stand good for short or tall singers

 Name : Mark
   2/20/2015 6:24:26 PM
   Review : I've used this mic stand in the past. This purchase was my sixth. I'm very pleased with them. The base is heavy enough to keep it stable. It's easy to adjust the height with a quick turn of the clamp. The finish is excellent quality.

 Name : Lisa
   2/7/2015 4:30:32 PM
   Review : exactly what I needed for at home voiceover recording. Very sturdy and compact.

 Name : Jonathan
   11/26/2014 10:34:44 PM
   Review : This is a great mic stand. Easy to adjust and very reliable. I am glad I made the choice with this one as I know it will last me a while.

 Name : Richard
   10/16/2014 3:47:18 PM
   Review : These three mic stands are just what I needed; they should work well on my up coming concerts.

 Name : Ryan
   1/13/2014 11:17:30 AM
   Review : I own an entertainment business and we go through mic stands like some people go through socks - these are great affordable mic stands that accomplish our needs without spending too much money.