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Customer's Reviews of Model PRT35I
Average Rating :
 Name : Karl
   2/10/2015 7:30:15 PM
   Review : Great looking and fun to use

 Name : Caine
   12/20/2014 1:23:02 AM
   Review : This phone looks beautiful. I haven't gotten it to work yet but it rates highly for its looks alone :)

 Name : Roslyn
   12/10/2014 11:41:48 AM
   Review : I love this vintage phone. It was easy to set up and it looks just as good as the picture. It takes you back in time, but, it also has all of the modern conveniences. It goes great with my newly purchased old time record player. Let the good times roll!

 Name : Ermine
   6/8/2013 10:49:38 AM
   Review : Just got the product and will need to use first before I can render any feedback.