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Customer's Reviews of Model PSBCG90BK
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 Name : Laura
   7/2/2014 4:57:01 PM
   Review : This review is from: Pyle GPS Navigation Smart Bicycling Computer (Sports) I consider thing to be a small miracle. It does everything that It is supposed to do. It does it easily, That is important as I do not ride my bicycle to take electronic problems and Procrustean demands onto it. I like to get away from the viicissitudes of life, not expand them, and would not want a difficult to operate device or an unstable crashing device making arbitrary demands upon me. This thing does so much and it accomplishes them quietly. It is small and light, it adds no noticeable weight or clutter to my bike but is easily read while riding. There are several screens to choose from, certainly one of them will become your favourite. It is fast. One not wait about for it to slowly find sufficient satellites for a GPS fix, I turn it on and by the time I have told it to begin the trip it has a lock and is waiting for me. There is but a very small lag in displaying changes in road speed, nothing annoying. I love that it is GPS based as there are no wires draping all over the bike. I also love that it is GPS because it can do more than only cycle computing. It is sensitive to the GPS signals that it can establish lock inside my house. Indeed, it is sensitive and accurate to the point that when I transferred the shown lat / lon coordinates to Yahoo Maps and then went to satellite view that it places me not only at the correct intersection, but also within the correct room of the house. It is happy tracking location while in my jeans pocket and so is also a wonderfully accurate pedometer. And I can get from it my current location to use in setting up my Celestron NextStar 90 Maksutov Cassegraiin's GoTo mount. Then when I get home I can use the supplied USB cable and software supplied wit the unit to not only record data from my journeys, but also to map the trip. This will be a marvelous aspect of the device when I have recovered from injuries to again walk far off trail in the local hills and canyons, it will map my walks. At the moment I am using its recorded data to watch my rehab from the recent injuries. Just a little more each few days. . . I find the K/Cal numbers developed to be a good overall estimate of the actual effort expended in any single trip. Oh yeah, and it is small and unobtrusive and has no wires fouling my bike. I already said that. But one more thing. The software supplied had some issues with my laptop; a somewhat decrepit Windows 7 Dell. The customer service department at Pyle gave a damn in a way that is not only unusual but downright rare. Kudos for Pyle all around. Ah, and While I love to chart my rides and will love to chart my walks, I have a good internal compass and probably will never use the "Track Back" function that can be easily employed while out there. No, it is a cycle computer not a large screen full featured GPS (Good! It is cycling optimized.) but it can get a person unlost in a hurry. I bought the right one and have no trouble at all in recommending Pyle and this cycle computer to anyone.