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Customer's Reviews of Model PSWGP405BK
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 Name : farrell
   8/19/2013 3:03:56 PM
   Review : I love my new pyle gps watch

 Name : Avi
   7/14/2013 7:01:56 PM
   Review : I have enjoyed my watch, and it has held up well in water and out. It is well priced and meets all my triathlon needs

 Name : james
   6/29/2012 8:14:14 AM
   Review : Having previously used Polar and Garmin devices, I am impressed with the features vs price on this product. GPS signal locks faster and stronger than my Garmin 301 (though not nearly as fast as my android phone) and is accurate when compared to my car. I especially like the customization of screens for each activity. Compared to the other GPS watch cases, this is not too big like most GPS HRMs. The chest strap is similar to the older Polars but comfortable nonetheless and has a user replaceable battery. This watch easily competes with anything in its category on features. But at this price, i would have to say it has no competition. I was not familiar with this brand and have only had the device for about a week, so i can't speak for durability or longevity, but if it holds up this is a superb choice. I am still surprised at the features and quality for this price.