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Customer's Reviews of Model PSWWM82GN
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 Name : John
   2/8/2015 2:23:09 PM
   Review : Initially I liked the look and larger face of the watch. I need a digital watch in my line of work. When I received the watch, I was blown away with all the features I was actually unaware of when I made my purchase. Also, it is very simple to make changes to settings

 Name : Agustin
   2/6/2015 3:59:33 PM
   Review : Watch is awesome!! Love it!??

 Name : Callie
   1/14/2015 5:47:29 PM
   Review : Great product! Bought for my son and he loves it!

 Name : David
   4/28/2014 7:23:40 PM
   Review : Very nice watch! First Pyle I have owned. Many nice features!

 Name : Michael
   4/17/2014 3:05:38 PM
   Review : I really like it so far. Lots of nice features.