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Customer's Reviews of Model PWPBT60
Average Rating :
 Name : Rony
   11/26/2016 10:34:14 PM
   Review :

 Name : Maen
   9/2/2016 4:10:19 PM
   Review : A very nice product

 Name : Stephen
   8/3/2016 2:42:28 PM
   Review : Soundbox Splash is very good.

 Name : Kelley
   6/17/2015 11:16:21 PM
   Review : Sounds great, loud and sick base.

 Name : Greg
   6/16/2015 12:44:32 PM
   Review : Fantastic sound... Really impressed... Best Bluetooth I have ever owned

 Name : Bernard
   6/14/2015 10:27:27 PM
   Review : great product. will buy more grandkids for Christmas presents.

 Name : John
   6/13/2015 11:53:23 AM
   Review : Solidly built, good sound, easy to pair. Exactly what I hoped (and expected) from Pyle!

 Name : Irene
   6/12/2015 9:47:30 AM
   Review : I am very impressed with the sound and the quality of my waterproof speaker. I only purchased 1 but I was thinking about ordering a second one.

 Name : John
   6/11/2015 3:13:58 PM
   Review : Just purchased

 Name : Katrina
   4/28/2015 6:30:51 PM
   Review : Great sound luv it

 Name : Dennis
   4/19/2015 5:03:57 AM
   Review : I love this product. Easy to use;great sound. Its awesome.

 Name : Dee
   3/16/2015 5:10:33 PM

 Name : Michael
   3/10/2015 2:10:53 PM
   Review : Works very good. Great sound in the shower.

 Name : Emilio
   12/30/2014 3:43:17 PM
   Review : Got the SoundBox Splash as a Christmas present. Love it! Great sound and best of all is water resistant. I'm outdoors a lot, either by the ocean, on the ocean and camping. Love the quality and ruggedness of it.

 Name : Wesley
   12/30/2014 12:52:59 PM
   Review : Love my new Pyle bluetooth. Color white is awesome and it's sturdy and durable. Doesn't feel like it will fall apart. Sounds great turned up loud.

 Name : Mike
   12/30/2014 9:53:11 AM
   Review : Excellent Product with great sound

 Name : David
   12/28/2014 2:06:09 AM
   Review : I got this speaker as a Christmas gift. I used the speaker to stream music from my phone the next day while at work, it is a beefy, heavy speaker which I like. The unit outputs plenty of volume for my use and the bass is excellent. I was surprised the battery lasted almost 8 hours! This is one excellent Bluetooth speaker!! Great Christmas gift!

 Name : Raymond
   12/25/2014 6:41:34 PM
   Review : I just charged this thing up and connected to it and it's awesome so far! Good bass and clarity for such a small object! Great Christmas gift!

 Name : Amreek
   12/23/2014 12:40:22 PM
   Review : I just connected it to my iPod ...love it ...

 Name : Gregory
   11/30/2014 7:06:56 PM
   Review : Excellent product

 Name : clayton
   11/27/2014 7:12:23 PM
   Review : Good sound for the price. Would recommend.

 Name : John
   11/21/2014 10:41:25 PM
   Review : Solid build and sold sound with heft and nice protection

 Name : Kevvis
   11/1/2014 9:24:12 PM
   Review : I have just got this product today, so i havent taken it out and showed it off. but it has amazing sound quality. i could believe how powerful the bass was.

 Name : Farid
   9/20/2014 3:14:25 PM
   Review : Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars Relatively loud for the size, September 20, 2014 By Maddog Edit Review Delete Review This review is from: Pyle PWPBT60 Sound Box Splash Bluetooth Rugged and Splash-Proof Marine Grade Portable Wireless Speaker (Black) (Electronics) Great small speaker with big sound. Great for my use in shower. Hanging hook is a great design. Love the colors. Easy to pair to my iPhone 4s. have not tested the "waterproofness".

 Name : Dennis
   9/17/2014 6:19:55 PM
   Review : I just received my new speaker and am very happy! I used the speaker to stream music from my iPad, while at work, and was pleasantly surprised to see the battery last almost 9 hours! The unit outputs plenty of volume for my use and the bass is excellent. I plan to also use this speaker for my beach and boat music as well. While I plan to never drop the unit overboard, it is nice to know it could survive a few splashes! Excellent bluetooth speaker!!

 Name : Howard
   9/16/2014 9:37:52 PM
   Review : Wow. I can't believe the sound and volume from this soundbox. It's great!

 Name : Russell
   9/4/2014 9:10:50 PM
   Review : This speaker sounds great and battery lasts a long time which makes this speaker perfect...

 Name : Daniel
   8/30/2014 7:29:13 AM
   Review : Great sound. Sturdy construction.

 Name : Danette
   8/25/2014 7:06:52 PM
   Review : I was totally shocked at the huge sound from this little speaker, and the bass is great! My boyfriend bought a much more expensive speaker that doesn't sounds nearly as good!

 Name : Joseph
   8/18/2014 3:17:14 PM
   Review : THE SOUND IS GREAT. I BOUGHT FOR MY CANOE AND needed a compact waterproof speaker.

 Name : Diane
   8/13/2014 10:52:16 PM
   Review : Great sound. Easily pair. Rugged. Nice appearance

 Name : Henry
   8/9/2014 11:31:37 AM
   Review : Henry E Johs Today at 10:25am Just purchased the Pyle PWPBT60 bluetooth speaker. Easy and immediate bluetooth pairing with Iphone 4S; several genres played via Pandora with good treble and bass separation; bluetooth connectivity is about 15' max. Satisfied with purchase price ($49 total) and sound quality -its a keeper.

 Name : Dmitry
   8/6/2014 12:06:19 AM
   Review : Good product, great sound for a small set of speakers, rugged and water resistant, able to use it in the shower and outside without worry

 Name : Vivian
   7/30/2014 1:02:37 PM
   Review : Sound is great, not worried about it getting knocked around on the boat. Battery life better then any other bluetooth speaker I have had. So far so good!

 Name : Joshua
   7/29/2014 5:58:39 PM
   Review : I have loved this Speaker since the day I got it. My wife and I got it before our Florida Vacation, we wanted to take it to the beach and it worked great. We now use it down at the pool and my personal favorite, in the shower. I have not had problems with it until today. I hope the company has a warranty on this device.

 Name : Jean
   7/15/2014 9:13:29 AM
   Review : Love my PWPBT60 speaker! Great sound and I can use it outside! Perfect!

 Name : Bruce
   7/7/2014 6:27:57 PM
   Review : This is by far the best Bluetooth speaker I have owned to date, and I have had 3 of them.

 Name : Viola
   7/7/2014 11:29:44 AM
   Review : I love this speaker. Can listen to music anywhere, especially when I'm playing golf!

 Name : Benny
   7/6/2014 8:18:44 PM
   Review : good sound What I expected

 Name : Leslie
   7/3/2014 11:51:01 AM
   Review : Love this product. Very easy to use and has a great sound.

 Name : John
   7/2/2014 5:21:28 PM
   Review : Great sound

 Name : Courtney
   6/26/2014 12:15:25 PM
   Review : Great portable speaker. It can go just about anywhere. We use it while working on Jeeps in the shop.

 Name : Dennis
   6/10/2014 5:57:04 PM
   Review : Love it

 Name : Francois
   5/26/2014 10:18:31 PM
   Review : What a great speaker I got. The quality of the sound is terrific.

 Name : ARTHUR
   5/26/2014 7:46:07 PM
   Review : Great on everything a Bluetooth should be for around water or in the back yard.

 Name : Deborah
   5/22/2014 10:28:10 PM
   Review : No complaints so far, great sound quality, loving it so far!

 Name : Johnny
   5/18/2014 8:41:30 AM
   Review : Great little speaker. I take it everywhere.

 Name : Peter
   5/16/2014 3:24:13 PM
   Review : Excellent quality, larger and more powerful than I was expecting and great value for money - I love it

 Name : Albert
   4/30/2014 3:59:36 PM
   Review : Unbelievable sound from such a durable unit.

 Name : Steve
   4/24/2014 6:08:46 PM
   Review : This has been a great little speaker for the cost point. I like the hook and I cant wait to bring it to the beach this summer.

 Name : emerson
   4/18/2014 5:06:32 PM
   Review : good value

 Name : Kevin
   3/29/2014 2:22:26 PM
   Review : Seems to be a nice device. Works fine with my Windows Phone 8, but not with my PC without the driver.

 Name : Jack
   3/24/2014 4:18:55 PM
   Review : very good for the money. it is splashproof but not waterproof. gets good distance with bluetooth. good sound and bass.

 Name : Mike
   3/14/2014 2:54:24 PM
   Review : I charged it up last night and used it today bluetooth sync'd quick and easy. I love this unit.

 Name : Daniel
   3/13/2014 4:59:25 PM
   Review : Great product. The sound is awesome and the construction feels indestructible. I like this a lot after only 30 minutes of ownership.

 Name : Saul
   3/12/2014 7:48:11 PM
   Review : Easy to pair and the fact that it's all weather makes a big plus. Charges up quickly too.

 Name : Mike
   3/11/2014 5:59:05 PM
   Review : Title says it all. I wanted a speaker in didn't have to worry about in the weather but still had decent sound. This is it.

 Name : David
   3/11/2014 5:31:16 PM
   Review : SoundBox Splash gives an awesome sound

 Name : Elvis
   3/6/2014 8:42:52 PM

 Name : Pete
   2/27/2014 9:29:39 AM
   Review : Good solid unit, easy to handle and simple to use.

 Name : Ann
   2/23/2014 4:18:37 PM
   Review : Impressive sound for a small speaker - good even tones, bass not over-bearing.

 Name : John
   2/21/2014 6:30:30 PM
   Review : This box rocks. I love the color.

 Name : bryan
   2/15/2014 5:34:10 PM
   Review : overall very good..sound is good...Bluetooth distance isn't that far like 15 feet give or take...overall for price and quality very good

 Name : B
   2/7/2014 12:23:40 PM
   Review : Awesome Sound I use this with my Android

 Name : Edward
   2/2/2014 4:10:13 PM
   Review : Great bluetooth speaker, rugged and stylish and sounds great

 Name : Michael
   2/2/2014 3:28:42 PM
   Review : Really great with music but ; I always hear some distortion when I listen a movie...mostly when people are talking and even at low volume.

 Name : Cherie
   1/27/2014 8:42:27 PM
   Review : AWESOME!

 Name : Kimberly
   1/27/2014 12:46:44 PM
   Review : I was pleasantly surprised by the big sound out of such a small speaker. I love watching my Netflix with additional boost!

 Name : Rob
   1/25/2014 8:50:22 PM
   Review : I got this off of the daily deal site Amazon owns that rhymes with BOOT! The color matches my old remodeled 1977 Starcraft Boat and instead of installing a stereo I plan to use this BT Speaker. So far I find the sound pretty decent for such a small speaker system. The bass is pretty good as well as highs. Feels like they were trying to make it seem "shockproof" and "rugged" by making it with a rubbery/neoprene-like outer casing. Not sure if it is as rugged as it looks, or actually waterproof. Neither are things I want to test. I like the loop at the top to secure it. Good thinking. One issue is bluetooth range. Depending on the device 15-18 feet seems to be about max (with an iPhone.) My ipod started to cut out at 10 feet or so. Not really an issue on my 16 foot boat. Overall, I like it and hope to use it on the high seas this summer. OK...the back bays. Let's be honest my 1977 Starcraft Holiday isn't going anywhere near the actual ocean.

 Name : Thomas
   1/23/2014 12:50:30 PM
   Review : Great sound and easily connected. Bluetooth range and connection quality is a little sketchy but not bad enough to do anything about. The sound quality FAR outweighs the bluetooth

 Name : Nathan
   1/19/2014 4:04:34 PM
   Review : Skips occasionally, but seems to work good.

 Name : Mack
   1/6/2014 4:52:44 PM
   Review : Works as advertised! Really good size and just enough heft. Good sound. Overall impressed!

 Name : Thomas
   1/5/2014 12:55:56 PM
   Review : Sounds great!

 Name : Alan
   1/4/2014 1:08:03 PM
   Review : Great sound! Very portable.

 Name : Chris
   12/29/2013 11:00:24 AM
   Review : Awesome sound. I like that's its waterproof and hanging

 Name : John
   12/28/2013 9:11:14 PM
   Review : Sounds great for size. Seems well built.

 Name : Bill
   12/28/2013 7:07:59 PM
   Review : Great sound, easy to use - love it!

 Name : Linda
   12/27/2013 11:35:02 PM
   Review : Great sound for such a small unit.

 Name : Marcelo
   12/27/2013 5:58:47 PM
   Review : No surprises! Works as advertised.

 Name : william
   12/26/2013 5:11:08 PM
   Review : Works great for the price,picked up on WOOT. Easy to sync,works nice

 Name : Emily
   12/26/2013 2:22:21 PM
   Review : Only had this speaker for a day, but so far it's been a reliable speaker. It seems sturdy. The sound is good. Easy to use controls. And a very good battery life. My only complaint about the speaker so far is it's range. If someone or something happens to pass directly between my phone and the speaker, the audio cuts out. The is only really a problem for me because when my 5 year old likes a song, he goes and picks up the speaker.. which makes the sound cut in and out until I convince him to put it down. Have not yet tested the speaker in water.. but it definitely seems like it can take a beating.

 Name : Michael
   12/26/2013 12:46:03 PM
   Review : The Bluetooth Speakers work great. Very solid build.

 Name : BenTzion
   12/25/2013 3:24:49 PM
   Review : Great Sound

 Name : Joseph
   12/22/2013 12:23:16 PM
   Review : Great sound from this small box. Its small enough to travel anywhere.

 Name : George
   12/19/2013 7:48:57 PM
   Review : Works great. Wish I ordered more.

 Name : Julian
   12/19/2013 8:32:33 AM
   Review : Great sound and great price.

 Name : Bob
   12/8/2013 10:18:06 PM
   Review : Great for jacuzzi or pool or boat.

 Name : Roy
   12/4/2013 7:12:11 PM
   Review : For such a little device, the sound quality is pretty good. I am planning on using the speaker to attract birds for my photography work, and also to use it for playing music.

 Name : Ronny
   11/26/2013 10:59:36 PM
   Review : Very handy in the boat!

 Name : Ilona
   11/17/2013 1:04:44 PM
   Review : Great product! Easily portable, perfect to take to the beach.

 Name : john
   11/16/2013 2:51:20 PM
   Review : great little speaker with a big sound

 Name : Ernie
   11/16/2013 2:41:14 PM
   Review : The Pyle Bluetooth speaker is a great device - well built with excellent sound.

 Name : harold
   11/15/2013 6:31:36 AM
   Review : so far this device has been great.

 Name : Mark
   11/9/2013 7:23:23 PM
   Review : A great little speaker with surprising quality of sound.

 Name : Mark
   11/9/2013 1:16:42 PM
   Review : This is a really solid BlueTooth-enabled speaker with great sound and ridiculously simple set-up. Only feature I wish it included is an RCA jack, so I could use it with my iPod, too.

 Name : Kevin
   11/7/2013 4:13:36 PM
   Review : Very cool speaker system. I have a few BT speakers, but this blows them away. Beefy, heavy speaker feels like it'll outlive us all. LOUD for the size, and I'm looking fwd to taking it hiking, skiing, swimming without worrying. kc

 Name : Ron
   11/6/2013 4:52:11 PM
   Review : Excellent little speaker

 Name : Kris
   11/6/2013 11:58:41 AM
   Review : I recently bought the PWPBT60 Pyle Home SoundBox Splash. I love it. It syncs up quick and easy, battery seems to last a good while and it sounds great.

 Name : Henry
   11/6/2013 9:23:47 AM
   Review : seems to work well

 Name : Brad
   11/6/2013 8:06:33 AM
   Review : ust received the Pyle speaker. Overall it is a very good value. The sound is rich and the unit feels very robust. Overall a great product for the money.

 Name : Thomas
   11/5/2013 2:22:24 PM
   Review : So far I really enjoy the blue tooth speaker. Good speakers and durable designe.

 Name : Brian
   9/2/2013 4:16:51 PM
   Review : Amazing so far after 1 week of use! Not more than 7ft. and it starts to go off and on; Keep it within 6 to 7ft with no obstructions and your good to go!

 Name : Zenali
   8/30/2013 9:33:09 PM
   Review : Looking for a great waterproof unit to use outdoors at our country home, I hit the jackpot with this beauty. Not only is it beautiful to look at - I chose blue- The sound, in particular the bass is AWESOME!!! And should a mean old bear attempt to sneak up on me, it provides just the right amount of heft to make it a portable peacemaker.

 Name : Lichien
   8/28/2013 6:27:13 PM
   Review : I bought the portable marine waterproof grade speaker for usage on my 28 foot boat. It's a great speaker for the package. Easy to setup and command via iPhone. I highly recommend this product! 5 stars. Thank you Pyle Audio!

 Name : Mike
   8/28/2013 3:06:52 PM
   Review : great speaker

 Name : William
   8/27/2013 3:38:08 PM
   Review : Excellent product. Easy to use controls and easy to pair Bluetooth.

 Name : PAUL
   8/24/2013 10:38:33 AM
   Review : This product has excellent sound.

 Name : Kimberly
   8/22/2013 7:22:48 AM
   Review : Great Speaker!

 Name : Kris
   8/12/2013 11:54:57 PM
   Review : Many manufactures are trying to saturate the micro speaker market. The talented people at Pyle are pwing the portable speaker market. Not only does their product rival most laptop internal speakers its also waterproof. How many of those simple pod like speakers can say that? Thats what I thought too, I cant hear their answer over my awesome portable waterproof speaker.

 Name : David
   8/12/2013 6:25:40 PM
   Review : this thing is not waterproof .... i put it in a bucket of water to show a friend and it died within 2 seconds

 Name : Patrick
   8/11/2013 10:09:14 AM
   Review : This is a superb product for the beach rugged, loud enough to overcome the ambient sound of the surf, easy to carry by adding a carabiner and a strap.

 Name : Michele
   8/9/2013 10:21:49 AM
   Review : This speaker is Great. Sounds louder than a JamBox (tested side by side) and for the purpose I'm using it for this is a huge bonus. There is a little connection sound than I sum up to a small lag in connection. This is not an issue for me. The speaker feels sturdy and durable in hand and the carabiner hook is top notch, very secure. I purchased 2 and I feel anyone would get great use (any very pleased) from this product at such a good price. Some have said that the range is not great, well, I say IT'S A SMALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, not a home theatre system. It works exactly how it is intended to be used.

 Name : Maury
   8/3/2013 11:28:20 AM
   Review : The bluetooth speakers sound very good. Had to turn On base reduction on the Iphone. The sound is great. Very happy with purchase.

 Name : Dominique
   8/1/2013 3:18:46 PM
   Review : Not sure how to work and the instructions do not explain how to use.

 Name : Jeff
   7/30/2013 12:30:54 PM
   Review : Overall, great product so far. Easy setup and will just need to log some time outdoors with this for a real test for weatherproof.

 Name : Sam
   7/29/2013 9:29:06 AM
   Review : This speaker is built to last and sounds great!

 Name : Santos
   7/26/2013 9:59:54 PM
   Review : Great speaker, I purchased t for when go to the beach but now its used by everyone in our house.

 Name : Diane
   7/25/2013 7:30:03 PM
   Review : Great sound, great price, great product!

 Name : Chris
   7/25/2013 7:42:36 AM
   Review : Some songs have a noticeable crackle and the range is only good to about 10 feet, not the 5 meter range as advertised.

 Name : James
   7/24/2013 6:59:00 PM
   Review : Great sound for a small speaker.

 Name : Loretta
   7/21/2013 5:33:27 PM
   Review : Although I haven't tested the waterproof integrity yet, the sound quality is great for just one speaker. For my small apartment, with the washing machine, dish washer, and A/C on, I can still hear it. I can just take the speaker with me if I need to hear better and leave my computer alone. Synched very easily with my Android phone without reading any directions or requiring outside assistance. It's simple.

 Name : Dean
   7/17/2013 7:02:37 PM
   Review : This marine speaker is the best and at a very affordable price. The bass sounds better than the desktop models sold by other that brag about the bass. This hangs from my boom of my sailboat and takes quite a beating and keeps booming.

 Name : Rene
   7/11/2013 1:39:09 PM
   Review : Works great and battery lasts a long time !!!

 Name : Leigh
   6/15/2013 2:20:01 PM
   Review : Great pool side product

 Name : Anthony
   6/13/2013 4:34:45 PM
   Review : I really like the item and the fact that it is weatherproof (unlike most electronics). However, right from the box the speakers on the right hand side (if looking at the logo) do not work. I contacted Pyle tech support and was informed that side was the low / base frequency. I ran a test and there is no sound from the right hand speakers. The item received was defective. I've left 2 voicemails for Warranty customer service over the past month but have been unable to reach anyone live or receive a call back. I'm now attempting to resolve via web and email.

 Name : DAVID
   5/31/2013 2:59:19 PM
   Review : WORKS GREAT!

 Name : Tom
   5/17/2013 10:42:14 PM
   Review : I mostly keep this hanging on the pegboard in my garage to listen to while working. Attach a carabiner and take it anywhere. Taking it floating this weekend to try it out.

 Name : James
   4/21/2013 11:20:35 AM
   Review : I bought this speaker for it's bluetooth feature, and it did it's purpose. Sounds great, easy connected, and I can hang it anywhere with a hook or bungee. Haven't tried the waterproof yet, but being in construction, I'm sure it'll get used. Great speaker if you get it for a good price.

 Name : RYAN
   4/18/2013 10:03:34 AM
   Review : Amazing sound quality. Great for the beach, on the boat and workouts in the garage!!!

 Name : Mark
   4/12/2013 5:56:10 PM
   Review : Well Made!!!